How to increase average order value

Increasing the Average Order Value (AOV) is a strategic way to boost revenue without necessarily increasing traffic or customer acquisition costs. A higher AOV signifies that customers are spending more per transaction, which can significantly impact your e-commerce business’s bottom line. This guide dives into practical strategies and tips for enhancing your AOV, thereby optimizing profitability and customer lifetime value.

Understanding Average Order Value

Average Order Value is a key performance indicator that measures the average amount each customer spends per transaction on your website. It’s calculated by dividing total revenue by the number of orders over a specific period.

Strategies to Increase AOV

1. Implement Upselling and Cross-selling Techniques

Upselling involves encouraging customers to purchase a higher-end, more expensive product than the one they are considering. Cross-selling, on the other hand, suggests complementary products that go well with the customer’s initial choice.

  • Personalization: Use customer data and browsing history to make relevant upsell and cross-sell suggestions.
  • Timing and Placement: Strategically place these recommendations on product pages, in the cart, and during the checkout process for maximum visibility.

2. Create Product Bundles

Bundling complementary products together at a slightly reduced price compared to buying items separately can entice customers to spend more.

  • Curate Thoughtful Bundles: Combine products that naturally fit together or are frequently bought together.
  • Highlight Savings: Clearly show how much customers will save by purchasing the bundle versus individual products.

3. Offer Volume Discounts

Encourage customers to buy more items by offering discounts on bulk purchases. This approach is particularly effective for products that are consumable or have a regular usage cycle.

  • Tiered Discounts: Implement discounts that increase with the quantity purchased to incentivize higher order quantities.
  • Clear Communication: Ensure that volume discount offers are clearly communicated on product pages and throughout the shopping experience.

4. Leverage Free Shipping Thresholds

Setting a minimum purchase amount for free shipping is a classic tactic to motivate customers to add more items to their cart.

  • Optimize the Threshold: Set a free shipping threshold slightly above your current AOV to encourage additional purchases.
  • Promote Actively: Highlight the free shipping offer prominently across your website and in marketing communications.

5. Implement a Loyalty Program

A well-designed loyalty program can encourage repeat purchases and higher spending through rewards, points, or exclusive benefits.

  • Tiered Rewards: Create tiers within your loyalty program where customers unlock progressively better rewards as they spend more.
  • Exclusive Perks: Offer special perks such as early access to sales, exclusive discounts, or free gifts to loyalty program members.

6. Use Limited-Time Offers and Flash Sales

Creating a sense of urgency through time-sensitive offers or flash sales can prompt customers to make quicker decisions and purchase more to take advantage of the deals.

  • Countdown Timers: Use countdown timers on your website to indicate when offers will expire.
  • Exclusive Deals: Send out exclusive offers to your email list or loyalty program members to foster a sense of exclusivity and reward loyalty.

7. Optimize Product Pages for Higher Value Items

Highlight and prioritize showcasing higher-value items or best-sellers on your website to attract customers’ attention to products that can drive up the AOV.

  • High-Quality Visuals and Descriptions: Invest in professional photos and compelling product descriptions to make high-value items more appealing.
  • Strategic Placement: Position higher-value items prominently on your homepage, category pages, and in search results.


Increasing the average order value is a multifaceted strategy involving various techniques from upselling and cross-selling to leveraging psychological triggers like scarcity and exclusivity. By understanding your customers’ buying behavior and preferences, you can implement targeted strategies that not only enhance the AOV but also improve the overall shopping experience. Remember, the goal is to add value to your customers’ purchases in a way that feels natural and rewarding to them. Continuous testing and optimization of these strategies will help you find the perfect balance for your e-commerce business, driving both revenue and customer satisfaction.

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