Must listen to E-commerce podcasts

The e-commerce landscape is continually evolving, with new trends, technologies, and tactics emerging at a rapid pace. Staying informed and inspired is crucial for anyone looking to succeed in this dynamic sector. Podcasts have become a valuable resource for e-commerce professionals, offering insights, advice, and inspiration directly from industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and marketing mavens. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 20 popular e-commerce podcasts, each a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be discovered.

1. The Shopify Masters Podcast

2. E-commerce Influence

  • Overview: Focused on marketing and conversion optimization, this podcast is perfect for those looking to scale their online store.
  • Listen to E-commerce Influence

3. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

4. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

  • Overview: Steve Chou interviews small business entrepreneurs who have created profitable online businesses, offering a mix of inspiration and practical advice.
  • Listen to My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

5. eCommerceFuel

  • Overview: A podcast for six- and seven-figure store owners looking at topics from scaling up to operational efficiencies.
  • Listen to eCommerceFuel

6. 2X eCommerce

  • Overview: This podcast focuses on e-commerce growth, covering marketing strategies, SEO, and customer retention.
  • Listen to 2X eCommerce

7. Start Yours

  • Overview: A solid choice for newcomers and seasoned entrepreneurs alike, focusing on dropshipping, design tips, and e-commerce guides.
  • Listen to Start Yours

8. The Amazing Seller Podcast

9. Online Marketing Made Easy

10. The Bright Ideas eCommerce Podcast

11. The Fizzle Show

  • Overview: Aimed at small business owners and entrepreneurs, this podcast covers a wide range of topics including e-commerce strategies.
  • Listen to The Fizzle Show

12. eCommerce MasterPlan

  • Overview: Chloe Thomas explores all things e-commerce, offering insights into marketing strategies, latest trends, and customer behavior.
  • Listen to eCommerce MasterPlan

13. Wavebreak Podcast

  • Overview: Focused on e-commerce growth and email marketing, this podcast offers insights into maximizing revenue and customer loyalty.
  • Listen to Wavebreak Podcast

14. Future Commerce

  • Overview: This podcast looks at the future intersections of commerce, culture, and tech, providing a forward-thinking perspective on e-commerce.
  • Listen to Future Commerce

15. Nerd Marketing E-commerce Podcast

16. The Jason & Scot Show

  • Overview: Jason Goldberg and Scot Wingo offer a weekly deep dive into the world of e-commerce and retail, featuring news and insightful interviews.
  • Listen to The Jason & Scot Show

17. E-Commerce Boost

  • Overview: Interviews with e-commerce experts covering conversion optimization, social media strategies, and overall e-commerce growth.
  • Listen to E-Commerce Boost

18. E-com Talk

  • Overview: A newer entry, this podcast aims to talk about all things e-commerce, from logistics to digital marketing strategies.
  • Listen to E-com Talk

19. Shopify Plus Tech Talks

  • Overview: Specifically geared towards high-growth, high-volume merchants, this podcast dives into the technical side of scaling an e-commerce business.
  • Listen to Shopify Plus Tech Talks

20. Women in Retail Talks

  • Overview: Focusing on female entrepreneurs and leaders in the retail space, this podcast offers unique insights and stories of overcoming challenges.
  • Listen to Women in Retail Talks

Each of these podcasts offers something unique, whether you’re looking for inspiration, specific strategies, or insights into the future of e-commerce. Incorporate them into your learning routine to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of online retail.

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